Global Presence

Earum Pharmaceuticals currently exports to over 15 countries globally which include North America, CIS, Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia. With over 60 International Product under Registrations (and still expanding), Erum Lifescience is emerging as a major potential Pharmaceuticals manufacturer worldwide.

Today, Earum Pharmaceuticals is providing a ceaseless supply of the finest-quality finished formulations to markets in every corner of the world. Our global presence was built on a strong foundation of mutual respect: Respect for cultural and social diversity and respect for globally shared values. Naturally, the most important of these shared values is the universal goal that is cherished by all people, regardless of who they are or where they live, Good Health.

We produce various dosage forms encompassing a vast range of therapeutic categories. Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing latest generics to our markets with expedience thereby guaranteeing a constant flow of the latest products to our customers. Earum Pharmaceuticals's mantra has always been global. Only the best quality, capability, infrastructure and pricing can survive in this market.


At Earum Pharmaceuticals, we help build "molecules into brands." We work with our distributors, strategically and programmatically, to accelerate, expand and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. Earum Pharmaceuticals has developed considerable brand marketing experience in the emerging markets through its portfolio of branded generics. We focus on new generations of drugs thereby ascending the value chain in the marketing and ultimately increase revenues from the sales of our products.

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